About Susan Rose

Senior Writer and Content Creator

About Susan Rose

Thinking and talking about marketing your organization can feel sleazy, right? You just want to make the world better! But marketing is a necessary part of creating world-changing impact.

The reality is, if you want to serve the people who NEED you, you have to be visible to them. That means telling your story and sharing your expertise.

The good news is it can also feel affirming and wonderful to do it.

This brand of marketing is called thought leadership.

My name is Susan Rose. I’m an experienced writer and content creator. My background is in thought leadership development (also known as trusted advisor, authority marketing, industry expert) and content strategy.

I believe that creating great thought leadership content that increases your visibility is the way to nuture relationships with your audience. The result is loyalty, trust, and impact. I believe in telling stories that lead your audience to the logical conclusion that they MUST work with you.

I have been writing for almost 30 years! As a freelance marketing content writer, I have worked with a range of companies creating thought leadership content.

Highlights include:

  • Writing expert articles for Forbes and USA Today.
  • Writing long-form posts that people love to  read.
  • Developing webinar scripts and Facebook ads to get registrations.
  • Creating signature talks people want to hear.
  • Consistently creating high-quality emails, blogs, and social posts.

Together, we will increase your visiblity for greater impact.


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Susan Rose

Susan has been a critical component on my many of my nonprofit consulting teams. She is able to dig through mounds of information and identify the key messages to develop. My clients have been very pleased with her work. 

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Kansas University, Lawrence, KS
BS: Journalism, concentration in Magazine editing

Tufts University, Medford, MA
MA: Urban and Environmental Policy

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

Member: Digital Marketing Lab

Leading With Effective Communication (Inclusive Leadership Training)



MarCom Creative Awards, Brochure, Platinum Medal 

MarCom Creative Awards, Writing/Other, Gold Medal

Communicator Awards Print Media Competition, writing/brochure, honorable mention 

Association Trends All Media Awards, Trade Show/Exhibit Sales Package, Gold Medal 


The Kicka$$ Content Planner: a quarterly planner to help you authentically market your business.

Confessions of a Frog Kisser

The Hunting Widows Guide to Great Venison Cooking, Volume 1: Family Favorites

Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Joy
  • Freedom
  • Acceptance
Susan Rose manifesto
Content Marketing (thought leadership, blogs, email, social, web)
  • Working with Market Connections, I lead a thought-leadership project for Iron Mountain to position the company as experts in secure document storage. The Director of Marketing attributed more than $1M in new sales as a direct result of the market research, white paper, and press release.
  • In-Q-Tel provides venture capital to technology startups to create innovative products with national security uses for the federal government. I helped launch their blog program, working with team leads to explain complex technology to lay people. These articles appeared on the company blog as well as Medium.
  • Wilderness Markets assesses sustainable fisheries investment opportunities in wild capture fisheries worldwide. Their specific objective is defining how to make conservation-based approaches a viable financial alternative to current wild capture fishing practices. To support this mission, created presentations and reports for their stakeholder road shows where they share their process with NGOs, commercial entities, and governments. Projects also include creating a website and other marketing materials as needed. The activities have helped position the company as the experts in sustainable investment strategy.
  • II wrote a citizen’s guide for the American Society of Civil Engineers describing the condition of our nation’s roads, bridges, water, and other infrastructure. ASCE members used this marketing and education piece to lobby local government officials for program funding.
  • Under my own by-line, I wrote articles for the Society for Interventional Radiology’s journal, “IR Quarterly.” I interviewed leading doctors in the IR field and worked with editorial team to ensure technical accuracy.
  • I have ghostwritten LinkedIn Articles for executives in several industries: non-profit, health and wellness, and technology. One executive credits these articles to increased lead generation, specifically requests for bids from two major prospects in the first three months of the content program.
Strategy (Marketing, Communications, Business, Social)
  • As the fractional Chief Marketing Officer, I create all marketing and content plans to help NGO 1 Stop launch. The organization facilitates unsolicited funding for NGOs with development projects from $50M to $500M. Responsibilities include creating budgets, devising multi-channel marketing strategies, determining messaging for a diverse group of stakeholders. The role also includes managing the marketing and communications teams responsible for executing the strategy.
  • As the fractional Chief Marketing Officer, I helped start-up health and wellness business create an actionable growth plan. SoulPeace Retreats helps professional women prioritize self care through a variety of evening, day, and weekend yoga retreats. Working with the founder, we developed a 5 year growth plan and 1 year marketing plan to build brand awareness and launch a series of retreats. The strategy also included a robust membership website focused on building community.
  • As the social media manager for for Friends of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, I developed a content strategy focused on Facebook. I also created the daily content. In six months, the small non-profit saw a 25% increase in engagement. More importantly, this lead to a substantial increase in donations that helped shelter animals get critical medical care.
  • To help a mom and pop massage clinic gain more new clients without increasing Google ad spend, I developed a content marketing strategy to boost lead generation and increase engagement. In the first month, new client visits were up 20% and these clients were more likely to rebook than new clients that came through other sources.
  • I created a marketing campaign to help a small life coaching business drive revenue through Facebook ads, webinars, and email marketing. The Facebook ads routinely scored above 8 for relevance, maintained above 50% click through rate, and above 25% conversion (all metrics above industry standard). Emails routinely achieve high open rate
  • Creating a robust email marketing strategy to increase engagement with subscribers, I helped Sacred Grove increase email open rates from 11% to 30%, and click through rates from 6% to 17% (on average).
  • As a subcontractor to a market research firm, I helped a government contractor that needed to increase enrollments in training events create a detailed marketing plan. I used data from focus groups, third-party research, and the Federal Media and Marketing Study to develop a plan that targeted specific publications for ad spend.
Sales and Membership
  • I wrote copy for the National Association of Home Builder’s Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities brochure. The sales manager reported the organization saw a 200% return on its investment within the first two weeks of using the piece.
  • I wrote copy for a membership drive brochure for the Society for Interventional Radiology. The success of this piece in recruiting members resulted in a larger rollout of the “I am IR” concept across a multichannel campaign.
  • I wrote fundraising case statements for multiple foundations, including the American Nicaragua Foundation, United States Ski and Snowboard Association, National Art Education Association, and Virginia Early Childhood Education Foundation. These case statements were used to solicit $100,000+ donations from high-net-worth individuals and corporations.
  • I wrote content for student recruitment brochures for several graduate schools within The George Washington University, including the Graduate School of Education and Human Development and the School of Media and Public Affairs. These brochures were used to differentiate GWU from competitive programs.
Meetings and Events
  • The DoD Deputy Undersecretary for Defense Office of Environment Security wanted to bring together community activists, federal agencies, and contractors to discuss how to involve communities in environmental cleanup projects. I was tasked with starting with nothing but the idea and brining it to fruition. In six weeks, my team organized a forum among 300 diverse stakeholders. The forum resulted in DoD environmental policy initiatives that created greater inclusion among community members.
  • The TA Health Education Foundation had two months to plan a week of meetings among health care providers and law enforcement to find solutions to prescription drug abuse that was causing a public health crisis in Wyoming. My team created messaging and collateral and facilitated meeting invitations and registrations for 200 stakeholders. This meeting was the beginning of an important dialog among diverse groups.