Thought Leadership content that gets results.

Creating consistent thought leadership content that is aligned to your big vision helps you shine a light on the challenges you solve for your customers, establish your company as THE go-to expert, promote awareness of how you help your clients, and thus increase sales. 

I help conscious businesses grow through aligning their content with their expertise, value, and sales goals.

I believe in doing good and leaving this world better than I came into it. I do that by helping conscious businesses create high-value content so that can have a greater impact.

My purpose in life and work is to give voice to those who need to have their message amplified.

I am writer and content creator with more than 30 years experience leading digital, email, and print marketing campaigns.

I help my clients shine a light on the people they advocate for every day—helping them become more visible, make a greater impact, and increase sales by becoming known as a thought leader.

Susan Rose

Senior Writer and Content Creation Expert, Rosebud Communications

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Why invest in thought leadership content?

Because it works. The LinkedIn and Edelman 2020 Thought Leadership Impact Report shows:

  • 89% of Decision-Makers say Thought Leadership can be effective in enhancing their perceptions of an organization.
  • 59% agree an organization’s Thought Leadership is a more trustworthy basis for assessing its capabilities and competencies than its marketing materials and product sheets.
  • 69% of Decision-Makers agree reading Thought Leadership is one of the best ways to get a sense of the type and caliber of an organization’s thinking.
  • 61% of Decision-Makers who are willing to pay a premium say it is because Thought Leadership demonstrates deep thinking and other virtues important to them.


I believe in keeping things simple. That’s  why I offer two retainer packages. Choose the one that fits your needs.

thought leadership

Thought Leadership Monthly Content

Consistency is key for building relationships and demonstrating value via your content. What should that content be? It depends. It could be blogs, white papers, reports. It could be a combination of all. Fortunately, we do it all. And we know how to help you prioritize which content to focus on based on your budget and sales/membereship goals. We’re flexible because we know your needs change.

What You Get

This may change month to month. But for the minimum monthly invoice, you can expect:

  • One interview each month to get the valuable information out of your head (or another expert’s head) and into a format that we can create content in your voice and with your unique point of view.
  • Additional research to add credibility to your position.
  • One 1,000- to 1,500-word article with your byline (to be posted on Medium, your blog, or LinkedIn).
  • Four emails pulled from the article.
  • Eight social media posts

I may also help you create an editorial calendar aligned with your sales goals, monitor metrics, and provide other types of writing (website content, blogs and articles, white papers, solutions briefs, case studies, donor letters, presentation, webinar scripts, and more).

Under this longer-term, I will assimilate into your organization, becoming a member of the team and embracing your culture, and help you achieve your marketing and sales goals.

Sometimes clients need that AND a white paper or webinar. No problem. We’ll just add that on (after we discuss how much time that will take). Sometimes clients only need the white paper or other content. No problem there either. We meet regularly to assess and examine your content needs.


Your Investment

$1,500/month minimum invoice

This amount is based on my hourly rate of $125/hour. Additional work will be billed at the hourly rate. Note most clients fall between $1,500 and $2,500/month.

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Thought Leadership White Papers

Having a solid piece of content that demostrates your authority is a must-have. Whether it is gated content on your website or something you send to prospects as a follow up, a thought leadership white paper makes an impact.

What You Get

Unlike technical white papers, these showcase your expertise and command of current issues. They give your clients and idea of what working with you will be like. We use data to support your position, sprinkle in your magic, and lead the reader to the logical conclusion that they must work with you. Most papers are 3 to 5 pages, so it’s short and sweet.

Typically, the project includes:

  • Interviews with key  team members
  • Additional research for data
  • Two rounds of editorial revision
  • Formatting the final document


Your Investment


(Longer white papers will cost more. We can discuss if you have such a need.)

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